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Copyright  1999 by Samuel Reynolds.  All rights reserved.


"Package" refers to the file or collection of files distributed by the 
Copyright Holder.

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statements for the package.

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recipients of the item may redistribute it under the same conditions they 
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The Copyright Holder reserves all rights to the Package.

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1.  You may use the font or fonts in the Package for typesetting, screen 
presentation, and other normal typographic purposes with no restriction.

2.  You may make and give away verbatim copies of the Package without 
restriction, provided that you include all of the original copyright 
notices and associated disclaimers.

3.  You may charge a reasonable copying fee for distribution of this 
Package.  You may charge any fee you choose for support of this Package.  
You may not charge a fee for this Package itself.  However, you may 
distribute this Package in aggregate with other (possibly commercial) 
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and that you include in your documentation, at some location where users 
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4.  You may not create or distribute modified or derivative versions of the 
fonts in this Package.

5.  You may not sell the Package or its elements, or otherwise exchange 
them for compensation of any form.

6.  You may not include the Package in any for-profit collection of fonts, 
regardless of distribution method or medium, without express written 
permission from the author.  However, you may include the Package in a 
Freely Available collection of shareware and/or freeware fonts.

7.  The name of the Copyright Holder may not be used to endorse or promote 
publications or products that aggregate or use this Package or its elements 
without specific prior written permission from the Copyright Holder.

If you wish to arrange other terms, please contact the Copyright Holder.




Version 1.1

Copyright  1977, 1999 by Samuel Reynolds. All rights reserved.
Revised 30 October 1999

Samuel Reynolds can be contacted at **** email hidden from bots ****

This font family is copyrighted software. However, it is released as
freeware. For terms of use, see the file LICENSE.TXT in the same directory 
where you found this README.TXT file.

LCD (and its variants) is an upper-case-only typeface.  The lower-case 
characters are identical to the upper-case characters, with the exception 
of the letters "J", "M", "W", and "Y".  To see the difference between the 
upper- and lower-case symbols, enter the alphabet in both upper- and 
lower-case in your word processor, and set the font to LCD. I recommend 
that you use either all upper-case or all lower-case characters with this 

Note: The original version of LCD2 had proportionally-spaced numerals.
This was incorrect. The current version has monospaced numerals, to
match LCD.

The LCD font family contains the following fonts:

   o  LCD-Normal  -- a liquid-crystal-display-style font with
                     an 8-degree slant. Numerals are monospaced
					 to make columns line up.
   o  LCD-Bold    -- the bold version of LCD.
   o  LCD-Light   -- a lighter-weight version of LCD.
   o  LCD-Ultra   -- the ultra-bold version of LCD.
   o  LCD2-Normal -- same as LCD-Normal, but gaps between character
                     elements are twice as wide, for better definition
					 at low resolution or small point sizes.
   o  LCD2-Bold   -- the bold version of LCD2.
   o  LCD2-Light  -- a lighter-weight version of LCD2.
   o  LCD2-Ultra  -- the ultra-bold version of LCD2.

LCD-Bold (uppercase) is a good match for the typeface used on the covers of 
Ground Zero Games' "Full Thrust" and "More Thrust" rulebooks. For smaller
type sizes at lower resolutions (such as 72dpi screens), I recommend that
you use LCD2.

If you use both large and small type in the same layout or graphic, you may 
want to use LCDMono for the large type and LCDMono2 for the small type.  
For example, for the Full Thrust banner graphic, you may want to use 
LCD-Bold/72 pt for "Full Thrust" and LCD2-Bold/30 pt for "Fleet Actions in 
Deep Space".

These fonts are available in TrueType format for Windows and Macintosh.  If 
you need a Postscript version of these fonts, please contact the author at 
the email address listed above.

Updated version of these fonts, as well as other fonts, may become 
available from time to time on the author's font website, at 


- Sam



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