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copyright 1998, John A. Huebner II
"Hube", **** email hidden from bots ****
Hube's Place, http://www.borg.com/~hube

A copy of this readme file must accompany copies of my fonts.

I take no responsibility for any damage, loss of data or personal injury caused
either directly or indirectly by using this font. In fact I explicitly disclaim
everything that it is possible to disclaim under US law! (If you do manage to
cause someone personal injury using a piece of software, that is quite amazing!
Please write me and tell me how you did it!)

This font is FREEWARE. If you paid anything for this font, the first thing you
should do is get your money back. The only person that can charge money for this
font is me, and I don't choose to.

You may not sell this font without my written permission and without paying me
money or compensating* me in some way. This includes, but is not limited to,
selling it on a CD or disk even when the fee involved is a nominal
"distribution" or "handling" fee or some similar thing, or distributing it on a
site which charges per download.

You may not adapt my fonts to other font formats without my permission. Even if
I do give permission, the new font format is still subject to the terms of this

You may not modify my fonts for subsequebt redistribution.

You may use this font on a web site. A link back to my site at
http://www.borg.com/~hube would be appreciated, but is not necessary. If you can
fit it in, Thanx.

You may give it away to your friends for free.

You may post it onto a FREE archive or other FREE font collection, as long as
this file remains with the font.

You can not profit inderectly off of my fonts by using them to create T-shirts,
mugs, books, etc... without paying me money or compensating* me in some way.

You may use my fonts in smalltime publications or fliers or other non
mass-produced literature. 

* Compensation comes in many forms. For instance, if you would like to put one
of my fonts onto a CD I may be interested in a copy, or if you want to use it on
something like a mug, etc.. I may be interested in one of those. Contact me and
we should be able to work something out.