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         *  These fonts  are  FREEWARE for PERSONNAL USE *

It is requested, however, that you neither modify them, nor change
their names.
You can distribute them to whomever you like, insofar as this file
"README.TXT " accompanies them.
To make these fonts, I used a software bought in the USA, and thus
These fonts works perfectly well under WINDOWS 95,98,2000 and up
as well as on my own computer.
Anyway, I could not be held responsible for any possible problems
that could derive from their use.

To use these fonts under Windows (c), just place the xxxxx.ttf
files into your directory   c:/windows/fonts/

              That's all !...

If you would like me to make a font of your personal handwriting
or any particular symbolic font, you just need to visit my
" PRICE " webpage here:


you will find all details.

                      To contact me:

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