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        This font is Copyright 2000 Luciano Avendano.  All Rights Reserved.  

chanFontTrueType is created for Fonts For Web

This font is freeware for independent writing and non-profit use ONLY. 
This excludes the use by "mainstream" publishers and their subsidiaries
without a license fee. Use by a "mainstream" publisher 
(or it's employee), and use for commercial non-writing production 
(eg. magazine ads, merchandise lables etc.) incurs a license fee 
be paid to the original creator, Luciano Avendano. 
This font may not be redistributed without the original creator's 
permission and never with this text file missing from the .zip, .sit 
or .hqx.

Luciano Avendano makes no guarantees about these font files,
the completeness of character sets, or safety of these files on your
computer.  By installing these fonts on your system, you prove that 
you have read and understand the above.

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