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a Cuttlefish Font
by Jason Pagura ©2001

Bernur is the first font I
completed, originally in 1996 with the name Pagura Gothic. IÕve recently
adjusted the spacing and added the Euro mark, so I finally feel comfortable
releasing it.

Bernur is freeware, which means you don't have to pay for it. You
may use it wherever you want, and make copies of it for your friends. You may
not, however, claim the font as your own design, or redistribute it for any
charge. If you do distribute this font, this Read Me file must accompany the
font file.

In using my fonts, you agree to hold me harmless should any damage
occour to your computer or other assetts. There shouldnÕt be anything here to
cause a problem, but weirder things have happened.

While you don't have to pay
for Bernur, you are welcome to send whatever you feel is appropriate in
appreciation of my work. Picture postcards of your home town, beef jerkey, demo
tapes, and nude pictures of yourself or significant other are all acceptable
forms of appreciation, but I'll take cash too, or whatever you can imagine.
Nothing that would violate postal regulations. 

If you use Bernur or any of my
other fonts for commercial purposes, please send me a sample of the result.

case you should happen to need any illustration, graphic design, or custom font
design, please think of employing my services.

This font and others of my
design can be found on my website:

Send your
comments and gifts to

**** email hidden from bots ****


Jason Pagura
Stokes Ave.
Cupertino, CA 95014-1239



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