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    thank you for downloading "augie," 
a handwritten casual based on the fall 1982 classnotes 
of a solid B-minus college student.

"augie" is a truetype and postscript type 1 font, 
designed in the emerald city, seattle, washington, usa,
by steven j. lundeen,
emerald city fontwerks,
copyright 1997.

please note, 
"augie" is a freeware font.

the author places no conditions or restrictions on the use of this font.

permission is granted to freely distribute and/or post this font,
providing that all files in the original archive are attached, 
including this one.

please support the art of fontography.


if you find this font useful, 
you may wish to contact the designer, 
or any member of the staff at ecf 
via one of the following email addresses:

**** email hidden from bots ****

all comments, critiques, raves, rages, 
flames and offers of seattle mariner tickets invited.


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