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    The font VirginLove was created by m. libby.
The bitmapped, TrueType™, and Postscript versions of VirginLove are all ©1997,
m. libby. However, this public version of the font is free to anyone who is

There is a fully functional version of VirginLove available for sale. That
version contains many special characters you might need, like: periods, commas,
misc. puncuation, foreign language characters, mathematical characters, and
pretty much every special character that is included in a standard font.

If copies of the fully functional version of VirginLove are needed, send $10
(check, cash, or money order only) for each copy to (please remember to mention
the font VirginLove by name, and be sure to specify Mac or PC):

m. libby
628 eighth street se
minneapolis, mn 55414

all orders will receive an extra free disk containing FreeWare versions of every
m. libby font to date. if you wish to order only the catalog, please send a
blank disk or $1 to the address above.

any other concerns or questions may be directed to: **** email hidden from bots