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    Fences  2005 - is a freeware FontCo font by Jon B. 

Download this font and many others at:

You may use this font for personal and commercial purposes. If you use the font
for commercial purposes I ask that you provide a link to somewhere on
the your web site.

You may distribute this font from a web site as long as:

    it is available as a free download
    this unaltered ReadMe.txt file is included with the font file
    you provide a visible link back to
    you do not charge a fee to download this font (alone or as part of a

You may not sell or include this font in a collection of fonts on a CD, DVD, or
any other similar media.

You can make nice stone walls and wood fences with this font by spraying a wood
or stone texture into the font characters (while selected) using Paint Shop Pro
Picture Tubes or similar texture sprayer.  Finish by inverting selection and
adding grout color texture.  Drop shadows can be added for 3D texture effects.

Use your graphics programs perspective tools to make fences 3D.