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created by Sub Communications in

following font is included:

 - Subeve (icones font)
 - Includes basic 52 model silhouettes (lowercase, uppercase letters and

For the complete font package, visit the "608" section of sub

- Subeve was first made for one of our client (, 
we used the silhouettes of her models to create nice icones for her website.
Feel free to play with these nice women !

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This font package is freeware for graphic use only. 

 - This font package may be distributed only via the  Internet for
Under NO circumstances may this font package be sold for
   a profit nor be
included as part of another product or CD-ROM
   compilation.  If you wish to
include this font package for FREE
   distribution on your Web Site, please 
include all of the fonts
   and original documentation supplied with this font
package and
   write the copyright notice from  subcommunications

 - You may install and use this font package on an unlimited
   amount of

 - You may not rename, edit, or create any alternate variations of
the fonts included in this font package.

 - This font package comes "as is"
with NO warranty whatsoever.
   SUB accepts NO responsibility for any damages or
loss of
   any kind due to the use of this font package.  The use of this
FONT PACKAGE is solely your responsibility -- you use this font 
   package at your own risk.

If you have any question regarding this document
or the usage of
this font package, feel free to contact us at **** email hidden
from bots ****
Thank you for downloading this font package and

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