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FROM:	Russ Rowlett
		**** email hidden from bots

RELEASE:	June 1995

Pointers is a font consisting entirely of bullet
characters. Each bullet is a pointer: it can be used to point to the start of a
line of text, or it can be used to connect a caption to a picture or diagram.
For the latter purpose, it’s important to have each bullet available in four
orientations -- pointing right, left, up or down. Therefore, Pointers includes
each of its 46 bullet designs in all four orientations.

The designs include a
wide variety of triangles, wedges, and arrows. There’s a style for every
purpose, be it routine or fancy, serious or silly. The pointers can be used
equally well at small sizes in text or for large size display on signs and


You’ll find right-pointing bullets on every key
except for the grave-accent key in the upper left corner of your keyboard.

down the SHIFT key for UP pointers,
the OPTION key for LEFT pointers, and
and OPTION together for DOWN pointers.

The arrows on the 1, 3, and period keys
can be lengthened by using the bar located on the grave-accent key. For an
example, try typing type grave-accent and then 3. Similarly, the arrow on the 2
key can be lengthed by using the heavy bar stored on the tilde (shift-grave)

The pointers on the 1, 2, 3, and period keys can also be used to make
double-headed (right and left) arrows. For example, try typing option-3, then
grave-accent, and then 3.

Pointers should be accompanied by a Microsoft Word
(5.1 for Mac) document "Pointers chart," which includes a display of the 46
bullets and their key assignments.


(1) When you press the “accented-character” key combinations
option-e, option-i, option-n, or option-u, nothing happens until you press
another key. To obtain the up pointers corresponding to e, i, n, and u, first
press option-e and then e (or option-i, then i; or option-n, then n; or
option-u, then u). [In other words, the pointers are at the e-acute,
i-circumflex, n-tilde, and u-umlaut locations.]

(2) The right and up pointers
stored on the apostrophe key are not available in word processors if the “curly
quotes” or “smart quotes” option is turned on. To get them you’ll need to turn
the smart quotes off. Check your word processor documentation, if necessary.


This is freeware. It is not in the public domain. As an
individual user, you
have permission to make copies of Pointers for all your
kith and kin, provided you follow two rules: (1) all documentation files must be
copied along with the font suitcase, and (2) nothing whatsoever can be charged
for copies of the font. All other rights reserved.

I hope you use and enjoy the
font. Comments via e-mail are very welcome.

Converted from the Macintosh font.  Please read 




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