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Cake Frosting Decorative

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Big, bold header written with Cake Frosting Decorative web font

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+ Readme / license file

    cake frostIng i , . / - _ ! ? : ' "
 = L_m M_P-., !

abcdefghIjklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

The font "Cake Frosting" is being
placed into the "public domain" and is freeware. You can rename it or do
anything else you want to use it for. It is supplied as is and I make no claims
to its fitness for any particular use. Cake Iceing was created and designed for
the MAC. Enclosed are T1 and TT fonts. The T1 bitmaps range from 14-84 points
(16-bitmaps total). The TT is what it is.

If you're a font connoisseur, please
keep the font's name and the developer (me) in the comments area for others to
enjoy as the font evolves into whatever it becomes, and please keep this Read me
file attached with the font's evolution  Thank you.
						Neil Van