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    Black Chancery font
version of 11/19/91 by Earl Allen/Doug Miles
(Includes both PostScript and TrueType outlines)

Black Chancery is a calligraphic outline font based on the public domain bitmap
font of the same name. It's a good looking and useful display font, lending
itself well to many occasions.  And a suitable companion to Black Chancery

Black Chancery began, several years ago, as a modification of Bill HortonÕs
lovely FancyChancery 24 point bitmap, which had random dots missing from within
the letters to give the effect of snow falling in front of them. (Rather like
his Palazzo Grey font, part of CasadyÕs bitmap Fluent Fonts). Doug Miles filled
in the dots, did some restyling, made five additional large point sizes, and
gave it a new name.

Earl Allen of Altsys Corp. used Fontographer 3.2 to autotrace the BlackChancery
bitmaps to make PostScript Type 1 outlines, cleaned them up, adjusted character
spacing and added kerning pairs. Doug Miles further cleaned-up the outlines,
removing unneeded control points, adjusted the height and baseline positions of
most characters, resized some of them, added accented letters and other option
characters. He converted the numbers to "old style" figures, probably more
appropriate for this font.

(Note that Bill Horton has made his own public domain PostScript version of
BlackChancery, considerably restyled and called MacHumaine. It's more angular
looking, more faithful to actual hand-done broad-pen calligraphy. This extended
the remarkable uncoordinated collaborative effort full circle, from his
FancyChancery bitmaps, to Doug's BlackChancery version, to PostScript outlines
by Marion Delahan, and back to Bill!)

There is an optional lowercase j available by pressing Option-j, if you prefer a
different style. There are now ligatures of ct and st at Option-comma and
Option-period, and of course the ligatures of fi and fl are in their standard
locations at Option-5 and Option-6.

BlackChancery is great for headlines, letterheads, greeting cards. Wherever
used, it adds an old-world elegance to your printed page.

11/19/91 Revisons:
Replaced all accented characters with composites
Changed ', ", ¾, a, d, g, q; f, Ž, ß; ¦, §; reduced size of most accents by
Moved to right by 5 ems: p  (1250 ems to the em-square)
Moved to right by 10 ems: i, õ, l, t, u
Moved to right by 15 ems: b, h, k, m, n, r
Moved to left and narrowed by 30 ems: x
Moved to left and narrowed by 70 ems: v, w, y
Added 50 ems of leading, which had been 0.
Fixed a lot of little things here and there in conjunction with making the
italic version.



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