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+ Readme / license file

    Monkey Dingbat Font by Ozmee.  Copyright 2000.  All rights reserved.
Images used are public domain and/or freeware. This font has two
duplicates and in the #1 is another one. That was meant to be
placed in the letter A and was then placed there. Monkeys are very
hard to use as medium for a font as most images available of them
are in color and very little drawn images exist.  The fur also
causes problems when being used as a font.  Therefore, these images
which used to be an original graphic or drawn image, were changed
to black and white images.

Rules for Usage and Redistribution

1. This is a freeware font.  This means that the end user may
freely use it to make either personal or commercial graphics. 
However, if used commercially, proper credit must be given to
the author as well as a link to the author's site.

2. Websites may redistribute this font as long as an author
credit is given me to be shown immediately beside, above or
below the graphic used to show the font, along with a link to
my website.  The text file must remain within the zip file that is provided.

3.  Author reserves all copyrights and entitlements to this font.

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