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Big, bold header written with B Movie Dings web font

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+ Readme / license file

    B Movie Dings - (C) 1998 Letters From The Claw

No commercial use of this font is advised unless you are Samual Z. Arkoff or an
equivalent (or know someone who is).  All images are (C) Copyright by their
respective owners.

Made from old ad galleys and deteriorating magazines found in attics, B Movie
Dings is probably the most useless dingbat font of all time.  

This font is freeware.  Distribute freely, but please include this file.  Go
rent a copy of "Night Of The Blood Beast" (or watch the excellent Mystery
Science Theatre 3000 version) or something equally gruesome.

Bear in mind that, due to the very complex nature of these images, this is one
complicated font.  I've tested it with every graphic program I have, but your
milage may vary.

Breakdown of characters:  (Font is in all caps)

A - Teenage Bad Girl
B - unknown shameless hussy
C - Beast w/Million Eyes
D - Blood & Black Lace
E - Night Of The Blood Beast
F - another unknown trollop
G - Gun Girls
H - The Hands Of Orlac
I - Double Feature: Hell's Bloody Devils & Satan's Sadists
J - Runaway Daughters
K - Double Feature: Nude Vampire & Requiem For A Vampire
L - Sex Kittens Go To College
M - She Gods Of Shark Reef
N - Hands Of A Stranger
O - A Taste Of Blood
P - Teen Age Thunder
Q - Venus In Furs
R - Cannibal Holocaust
S - hanging girl victim
T - screaming girl victim
U - girl about to not be a victim anymore
V - Suspiria
W - Italian babes, very low res
X - Rondo Hattan
Y - Macabro (Spanish)
Z - unknown hussy legs

Enjoy this font in moderation.  ;-)

The Claw
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