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+ Readme / license file

    Thanks for downloading one of codeman38's retro video game fonts, as seen on
Memepool, BoingBoing, and all around the blogosphere.

So, you're wondering what the license is for these fonts? Pretty simple; it's
based upon that used for Bitstream's Vera font set

Basically, here are the key points summarized, in as little legalese as
possible; I hate reading license agreements as much as you probably do:

With one specific exception, you have full permission to bundle these fonts in
your own free or commercial projects-- and by projects, I'm referring to not
just software but also electronic documents and print publications.

So what's the exception? Simple: you can't re-sell these fonts in a commercial
font collection. I've seen too many font CDs for sale in stores that are just a
repackaging of thousands of freeware fonts found on the internet, and in my
mind, that's quite a bit like highway robbery. Note that this *only* applies to
products that are font collections in and of themselves; you may freely bundle
these fonts with an operating system, application program, or the like.

Feel free to modify these fonts and even to release the modified versions, as
long as you change the original font names (to ensure consistency among people
with the font installed) and as long as you give credit somewhere in the font
file to codeman38 or zone38.net. I may even incorporate these changes into a
later version of my fonts if you wish to send me the modifed fonts via e-mail.

Also, feel free to mirror these fonts on your own site, as long as you make it
reasonably clear that these fonts are not your own work. I'm not asking for
much; linking to zone38.net or even just mentioning the nickname codeman38
should be enough.

Well, that pretty much sums it up... so without further ado, install and enjoy
these fonts from the golden age of video games.

[ codeman38 | **** email hidden from bots **** | http://www.zone38.net/ ]



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