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Hilda Sonnenschein web font

Hilda Sonnenschein

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Big, bold header written with Hilda Sonnenschein web font

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    Hi!  My name is Sara, and I'm a fontaholic.  It's been three months since my
last download (not counting yesterday), but I'm afraid I've now slipped into the
area of fontmaking, with help from my friend Apostrophe who has taught me a
little bit of how to do this.  He's not responsible for my failings, only for
some of the things I do right.

This font, Hilda Sonnenschein, is named for my German-Jewish paternal
grandmother, who was said by my father to have been a proficient linguist and a
truly fabulous cook.  (I still use her recipe for spaghetti bolognese.)  I tried
to make this font busty, strong, and feminine, like the women in my family. 
Like all my fonts, I tried to keep it handmade looking, with rough edges here
and there and elements which go together but don't precisely match.  This
particular font's intended use is as a very large display font, for large
printed signs, banners and the like.  

There are no Cyrillic characters and only very few Greek characters.  This is
because I don't speak Russian or Greek and don't feel comfortable trying to mess
with symbols I don't really know intimately.  The Greek characters here are ones
I find myself using often.

I still don't really know what I'm doing as a fontographer, but I do like making
letterforms.  I tend to design with the idea that the people who will use my
fonts will use them the way I use them, as outlines in Illustrator.  This makes
my fonts kind of a pain for everyone else to use.  Someday, if I ever do learn
everything I'm supposed to, I will go back and make these early efforts more
professional.  Meanwhile, though, because I don't really know what I'm doing,
I've decided to stuff everything that doesn't fit into the standard character
set into one of two alternate sets, the Dingbat set and the Extra Character set.
 Therefore, if you're looking for a non-English character that's outside of the
usual 256-character list, it's probably somewhere but maybe not where you'd
expect, so you should pay careful attention to the character maps in your type
manager.  Of course, if you only use Microsoft Word, you don't have to worry
about any of this; you will find all the characters I made in the TrueType
font's "Insert Symbol" menu/map.  But the rest of you are kind of on your own.

Now about that copyright...I copyrighted this font ONLY to protect it from
resale, but you may use it however else you wish.  Go ahead:  Use it
commercially or personally!  Reorganize the character map!  Make new characters!
 Do whatever you like, only DO NOT try to make money off of any sale of the font
itself or any variation thereof, and don't even think of renaming it.  I spent a
lot of time making original letterforms based on my own calligraphy, which in
this case were based on old German blackletter styles.  I specifically did this
for my own amusement, to increase the number of free fonts in the world, and to
contribute to the Pro Gothics project, which I think is brilliant.  I did not
make this font in order to create new things for people to buy or to create new
ways for lazy people to profit without working.

I have lots of friends who are lawyers.  Consequently, even though we all have
better things to do in this life than enforce my copyrights, if I do catch you
infringing one, it will not go well for you.  If you want to give a free copy of
this font to every single person on the planet, or if you want to alter this
design or try to take it to a level of excellence I don't have time to pursue,
go for it!  I will not consider either an infringement.  The only ways you can
infringe this copyright are to either say you made it up from scratch, rename
it, or to try to sell it or any variation you come up with without my express
written permission.  And I'm telling you now, you will only get that permission
if you plan to sell it to benefit a secular charity. 

Anyway, that said, I truly hope you enjoy this font and that you will use it in
good health.  

Cheers, and best wishes!

Fine Art - Illustration - Graphic Design
e-mail:  **** email hidden from bots ****



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