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    About Zoink Fat

Zoink Fat is a font I did years ago, based on an old Mac font called
GilbertShelton. When I first started doing design (many years ago when the Mac
Plus was the top of the line), there was a font available called GilbertShelton,
but it was only available in bitmap format. Basically, I did my best to create
an outline font from the largest available screen font. 

The name is a nod to the fight scenes on the old Batman TV series (and to Shaggy
on Scooby Doo...).

Freeware. This is all there is.

Zoink Fat is freeware. It is my hope that you will like this font and want to
check out my other fonts. Feel free to check them out at my humble website,
located at:


Any comments or questions can be emailed to:

Marty Yawnick
**** email hidden from bots ****
**** email hidden from bots ****

The data contained in these files is Copyright 1992, 1998 Marty Yawnick. All
rights reserved.

This version of Zoink Fat may be freely distibuted to your friends for
evaluation, uploaded to other BBSs, or linked or attached to Web pages as long
as it is not altered and as long as this ReadMe file accompanies the font. This
font may NOT be distributed by commercial shareware distributors, those putting
together floppy disk shareware compilations or the huge CD-ROM shareware
collections. If you are interested in any form of mass distribution of this
font, please contact me first by email or snail mail.

You can reach me at the above mailing address, Internet at **** email hidden
from bots **** or on America Online at TypeA002 (that would be zero-zero-two).

I hope you like it. Let me know!

Once again, thanks!

revised 3/98



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