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    Fontdinerdotcom Huggable

Wrap your arms around this chunky, cuddly, squeezable,
huggable font and add some bold retro flair to your design projects!

Is this
font Shareware?
No! This is Silverware! (The only thing you can get FREE from a

Do I have to pay anything to use it?
This font is free to use in any
private, recreational manner. You may use this font for your own personal
website or communications, or for personal design work you might do for a
friend, such as a birthday party invite, a scrapbook, an indie band CD, or a
personal website. 

But if you plan to use this font in a commercial manner that
you will get paid for, or if you are using it for product packaging for other
promotional materials printed or online, you must purchase a commercially
licensed version of this font which you can purchase it at -

The commericial version of Fontdinerdotcom
Huggable includes the Postscript version of this font.

If you plan to use this
font for any form of television broadcast or motion picture titling, you must
contact the Font Diner to aquire a commercial broadcast license at **** email
hidden from bots ****

If you plan to use this font for non-profit,
not-for-profit, and charity design work, you may use any Font Diner Silverware
fonts in design work for no charge, provided the non-profit organization sends a
sample of the finished work, along with a letter acknowledging the donation of a
product (value of $99) from the Font Diner.

Hey guys, do you sell any other
Absolutely, check out the Font Menu at the Diner as well as the ever
creepy Brain Eaters font company B-Movie fonts online at

Where is the Font Diner?
For the freshest service, and
the tastiest selection of fonts, swing right in to

can you contact me?
E-mail: **** email hidden from bots ****

Distribution and
Copyright Info?
You bet! This font is freeware, but is not in the public domain
(meaning it is still the property of the Font Diner). You have permission to
redistribute this font as long as this readme is included. If you include this
font on a CD-ROM you must send us a copy of it, you may contact us at **** email
hidden from bots **** for postal mailing information.

The font "Fontdinerdotcom
Huggable" is 2003 Font Diner, all rights reserved. This font may not be resold
or remarketed.



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