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Youíve found one of DeNada Industriesí many typefaces.

I hope you like!

This is shareware. Iím asking for a measly five bucks and ONLY 
if you use it. Donít use it, donít send me anything! Sound simple? 

My many typefaces include:
Juliet (See also Romeo)
Romeo (see also Juliet)

I think thatís all I've released... I havenít been keeping good track!

These are all over the place. I released them on AOL and theyíve circled 
the globe a couple of times. Thatís not my fault. Neither is it my fault 
if it arrives in your hands without everything intact. I donít do support.  

If youíre looking for me to send you some of the files listed above, donít 
ask me. Search. Theyíre somewhere! I highly recommend TypeOasis. 
( Itís very well 
organized and they have my full endorsement.

If you wanna write and ask me questions, my e-mail address is 
**** email hidden from bots **** but donít be surprised if Iím a little grumpy.

Iím just that way. And donít be surprised if it takes me a little 
while to get back to youÖ e-mail may be faster than light, but Iím 
notÖ If you wanna write me and tell me that you just LOVE my typeface 
(or whatever) donít. Just send me the shareware fee, then Iíll know 
you treasure it. Heck, if those nuns from Luxembourg can do it, so can you. 
You donít have to send me a photo of your convent, though. 
On the other hand, it did make me smile and thatís never a bad thing.

If you wanna include this in some collection, or on your website, thatís cool. 
Please let me know. If you can give me a copy of the CD thatíd be even better. 
You MUST include this readme file though. Itís important. Otherwise youíre
but a dang pirate and pirates can go hang!

After all that, please send that five bucks to:
Mike Allard
2603 NW 13th St, PMB 256
Gainesville, FL  32609

Cash is fine, just wrap it in a piece of paper and let me be surprised when 
I open the envelope. I love surprises. Send me more!

DeNada Industries (Donít Worry, itís Nothing)
Founded by a grumpy fellow when some software installation actually required a
name in the registration line. DeNada Industries has grown to include one
(aka me). A producer of typefaces in their early years, DeNada has slowly 
undeveloped over the years to include the odd Theatre Flyer design for
amounts of money. Their advertising budget is so severely limited as to preclude

your being aware of their existence except by sheer accident. DeNada Industries

is one of the slowest growing non-corporate entities in all of North America 
encompassing a wide variety of activities including: Typeface creation, flyer
theatrical scenic and lighting design (in conjunction with The Shumway Brothers

Moving Company) and a wide variety of other activities that defy specific 
categorization despite the heroic efforts of our staff.

The Staff (Mike)
**** email hidden from bots ****


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