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Big, bold header written with skeetch web font

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    a tip of the hat to you and yours,
and thank you for downloading "skeetch."

a complex, not completely illegible connecting cursive
crafted from the chicken scratch of crested butte, colorado's favorite son.

for daisy.

"skeetch" is a windows95/macintosh truetype and postscript type 1 font 
designed by steven j. lundeen in november 1996
at emerald city fontwerks
in seattle, wa, usa.

copyright 1996.

please note,
as of january, 1998,
"skeetch" is a freeware font, 
made available for unrestricted download, distribution and use.

should you find this font useful,
and wish to voice encouragement for the release of
future freeware fonts from ecf,
you can drop us a line at:

**** email hidden from bots ****


**** email hidden from bots ****


lest we forget,
we wanted to mention that
ecf offers a complete line of fonts in three flavors:
shareware, freeware and graphic art clipfonts,
most of which you ought to be able to find by way of:


you should know that
much of the work at emerald city fontwerks depends on you,
the user.

please register fonts where appropriate,
and continue to show your support for the art of fontography.


as always,
you can contact any member of the staff at ecf 
via the following address:

**** email hidden from bots ****

all comments, critiques, raves, rages, flames,
marriage proposals and offers of mariner or sonic tickets invited.



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