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Macintosh & Windows TrueType Font
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This font is based on - but differs slightly from - the Aurebesh
lettering created by West End Games. My focus has been to accurately 
populate this font with letters that are seen in the movies of the 
original trilogy. After close examination of screenshots and officially 
available information, many letters have been revised or replaced.

Letters that do not appear in the trilogy were replaced. These include: 
Grek, Jenth, Osk, and Resh. (If you don't know what any of these letter 
names mean, don't worry about it; this info is for the Aurebesh 
purists.) Grek has been replaced with a modified version of Enth. Osk 
has been replaced with Orenth. Resh has been replaced by Nen. Jenth has 
been replaced with an entirely new letter, which I refer to as Jul. All 
other letters have been severely modified for accuracy. Arabic numerals 
(1,2,3, etc) have been used in the font, since Arabic numerals were used
in the original trilogy. See the attached galbasic_table.gif for a full
table of Galactic Basic letters and their respective keys.

NOTE: This font is simply a personal interpretation. It will not allow 
you to translate anything seen in the movies. I apologize if your 
favorite letters have been changed or removed.



IMPORTANT: There are two distinct sets of letters in this font - 
uppercase and lowercase (see galbasic_cases.gif). Uppercase letters are
"rightside up" letters, resembling the familiar Aurebesh. Lowercase 
letters are upside down (rotated 180 degrees) versions of their
uppercase counterparts. This was done so you can create upside-down
words, which often appear on screen. To recreate movie-accurate text,
uppercase and lowercase should not be mixed on the same line, and you
should not use capital letters with lowercase. If you're simply looking
for visually appealing letter combinations, mixing upper and lowercase
can be quite effective (see galbasic_mixedcases.gif).


Because of the shapes of many of the letters, unsightly spaces have a 
tendency to form in the middle of words. To correct for this, I have 
adjusted the kerning for many of the letters so that they fit more 
closely together. This kerning is not automatic however; it must be 
turned on in the text program you are using. For example, to enable 
kerning in Word, select Format, Font, Character Spacing, then enable 
"kerning for fonts". See galbasic_kerning.gif for an example of words
with and without kerning.



This font is not officially licensed and is not intended to infringe on 
any copyright. This font is freeware; it may be distributed freely, but 
PLEASE distribute all files included in the ZIP archive. This font is
NOT to be sold or used for financial gain. Help keep it free and



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