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    HaydenPanettiereBats demo  2007, 2008 by bobistheowl for Metaphase Brothel
Graphix. Version 1.5 moves the glyphs from lower case to capitals, to avoid
conflicts with Windows Vista when Clearface is enabled.

This font is freeware. Please feel free to have fun with it, and use it for any
purpose you'd like. The only thing you can't do is claim the work as your own.
This font was made with MS Paint and ScanFont 3.12. If you like it, please let
me know at **** email hidden from bots **** A larger version of this font will
be completed soon.  For other bobistheowl fonts from Metaphase Brothel Graphix,
please visit our omepage on Luc Devroye's site:

New fonts will appear there on a regular basis. If you have a webpage with
downloadable fonts, please feel free to include this one, or any of the other
bobistheowl fonts, among your available downloads. I would appreciate it if this
read me document was included, but the character guide is optional.

Hayden Panettiere is best known as the indestructible cheerleader Claire Bennet
on the NBC science fiction drama Heroes. Although just eighteen years old, she
has worked consistently in television and feature films since the age of seven,
as well as having appeared in numerous commercials since she was eleven months

Hayden's first major prime time television exposure was a recurring role as
Maddie Harrington on the almost unwatchable final season of Ally McBeal. In
addition to two stints on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, she had four
memorable guest starring roles as the scheming Jessica on Malcolm in the Middle.
She made several forgettable films for Disney in her early teens, and provided
the voice for Princess Dot in the film A Bug's Life. 

The original version of HaydenPanettiereBats was my first font, and was a major
disappointment to me. There was too much detail to reproduce in glyphs 1.33
inches high. Many of the glyphs were severely distorted, and only a few came out
well. The first revision was an improvement, but still not very good. I don't
make those early versions of this font available for download anymore, but if
you're really interested in the evolution of my creative process from August,
2007 to present, ask me by e-mail, and you can have the original font, version
1.1, or copies of the monochrome bitmaps used for any of the versions to date. 

This font included some experimentation with various shades obtained through
saving full colour photographs in 16 colour bitmap form, and various techniques
to convert them to monochrome bitmaps 2.9 inches high, (280 pixels). This sort
of font is very labour intensive, and very frustrating. When creating font
glyphs based on photographs, single pixels of black or white can make noticeable
differences when imported into a font making program. I spent many hours working
on several detailed glyphs with extensive shading, only to find that the memory
limits of ScanFont were exceeded. ScanFont likes pure black and white areas, and
has a hard time reproducing grey scales created through shaded patterns. each
character glyph in this font has an average size of about 43 kb, which is larger
than many fonts that have a complete upper and lower case alphabet set. In one
of the test versions, a single glyph clocked in at 75 kb!

I've been working on revisions to this font off and on for the past few months,
frequently dropping it altogether for a while to work on other projects which
have since been completed, or will soon be. It is my intension to also upgrade
my second and third fonts, LaetitaBats 1&2, in the near future, with larger
sized glyphs.
 Unfortunately, the size of my font files, (between 1.3 and 2.0 MB on many of
them), makes it difficult to find font download sites which will host them, as
bandwidth limitations often set a maximum file size limit considerably below
that a bobistheowl font, (one site expressed interest in my work, but told me
they could not upload archives larger than 200 kb). The Metaphase Brothel
homepage on Luc's site is the only place where you can find the
completeMetaphase Brothel Graphix' font collection, but some of them are
available at dafont.com, or on eMule. 

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Upcoming projects in the works include a series of fonts based on the art of
Frank Frazetta, a snakes font, and more KleinKarpets. 

Thanks for downloading this. I hope it was worth the bandwidth and disk space. 




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